How a tandem flight works

Before the flight

First of all, you will have to file a form with your name, address and accept the conditions of transport.

Then, once you reached the launch site (5-15min walk), your pilot will give you a helmet and secure you in the passenger harness.

He will then unfold the wing and prepare the lines.

Once everything is ready, he will connect himself and then you to the paraglider.


When the wind is ideal, the pilot will bring up the paraglider and tell you to RUN ! until your feet are in the air.

Most important : don't stop or sit down.

If needed, an assistant will be there to help.


Once in the air, you can sit comfortably in your harness and enjoy the views !


The pilot will just ask you to lift your legs and you will both land softly on the beach.

After the flight

The next day, you will receive by email a link to download the photos and videos taken during the flight.

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