You want to take off and join the seagulls high above 

Lanzarote's beaches and vulcanos? – Yes??!!!

Then you can consider yourself as a lucky bird because you found

the right place to schedule a tandem flight with us. ;-)


We have three flying options depending on the Location, starting at

90€ for Teguise, Macher, El Cuchillio and 120€ for Famara and Mirador del Rio.

A one hour flight on the Risco de Famara is 160€ .

Photos & Videos are 20€.


Just email, whatsapp or call us!

info@famaraiso.es IIIII +34 605 727 808


Lanzarote's middle name is "Free Flying Heaven" 

and flying high above its unique scenery is nothing short of breathtaking

and an adventure you will never forget

It has never been so easy!

Fullfilling your dream of flying is just a couple of steps away.

You can also obtain a gift certificate for your loved ones!!


Professional pilots will take you to heaven on earth with their tandem paragliders. All you need to bring is your beautiful self, good shoes and warm clothes.


Whether it is launching from the beach in Orzola to soar the spectacular cliffs

of Mirador or the hills behind Playa Quemada, you will be blown away

by the beautiful conditions and amazing views.


And once you get high over Famara you'll be overwhelmed!!!

The 20km Famara ridge belongs to the most amazing flights on the planet.


One thing is guaranteed:

you will be blown away by the adrenaline rushing through your veins

and the beauty of Lanzarote from a birds perspective.


looking forward to see you on board! ;-)


Love, Famaraiso






+34 605 727 808

+34 666 103 425