Paraglider & Kite  Repair

In case your glider suffered some Lanzarote abrasion don't worry.



You can call Jordi +34 654 813898 and come to Teguise with the glider, for line repairs, patches or repairs on the sail. Most of the things can be fixed the same day so we get you back into the air in no time.

Paragliding gear for rent

Many pilots ask us for renting a glider in Lanzarote so that they can experience the famous Famara flight (above) ;) without all the transport hassle on airplanes these days.

We have a small but growing assortment available


Ozone Mojo4 S, M, Rush3 MS   -   €50/€60 per day


Harness/Rescue Helmet    -   €30 per day