Learning to Fly


Lanzarote's middle name is free flying heaven!


... and that counts for hang gliding, paragliding or whatever you want to do with the wind. You can fly almost everyday and the island's size is perfect because you can reach all launches for any wind direction within an hour. And last but not least you have launches for every skill on the beach or on soft hills with smooth, laminar windflow. And that is ideal for beginning!


Given that, there is no better place for learning to fly! If you want to learn paragliding or hang gliding in Lanzarote just contact us. We offer one day Intro lessons, basic lessons including tandem flights with professional pilots and advanced courses. We also have all the infos on how to become a licensed pilot.


After learning the theory and how to handle your wing, you start with small hops on a gentle slope and will fly from small hills within two or three days. For beginning we need  not too much wind which is usually the case in the early mornings.


We are very pleased to work with Ángel from AlamAir and can get you wings and gear from OzoneSup-AirFlytec, and many other brands. Just check out his website and contact us so we can get you your gear as quickly as possible. 


So see you in the sky of Famara,



Love Famaraiso