Hanggliding gear for rent

Many pilots ask us for renting a glider in Lanzarote so that they can experience the famous Famara flight (above) without all the transport hassle on airplanes these days.


As you can imagine renting hang gliders is tricky but we thought we give it a try under the following conditions:

You can rent a glider when you fly with us, so we can help with everything from glider transport, picking the right launch, rigging, launching,..., to packing up. Therefore, the first day is more expensive cause we will explain you everything. That way we can guarantee that the gliders are fine and tuned:


gliders (list growing):

- Moyes LS4.5, smoke sail with all carbon options       300€/200€ per day

- Moyes S5, standard aluminum frame                       150€/100€ per day

- 2x Aeros Combat 2, 13.7 standard                            100€/75€ per day



- 2x Moyes matrix race 170-190cm, 150kg rescue                 50€ per day