About Famaraíso...

 Welcome to Famaraiso  ... at the beginning of the rainbow.


We love Famara soo much and are passionate about Green Living. We use sustainable sources for energy and food wherever we can to protect this beautiful place for our children.

Lanzarote has soo much wind and sun. Coming from Austria where renewable energies are everywhere we feel that now is the time to implement this technology in Famara and Lanzarote. We implemented it in our house and it works so well that we are ready for the next step.



Water from green Electricity. This requires lots of power.....power only a big windmill can deliver.......like the one in the picture below!

Therefore we started the project:


Famaraiso: Molino Eolico de la Communidad


In order to build the Windmill, we need a community of people who want to use its electricity.

To get the word out we are doing a short film about all the cool things you can do in Lanzarote without oil.


"Pure clean Fun powered by the Sun!"


Please find our updates on Facebook/Famaraiso.



Love Famaraiso